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Recipes and Stories

29 November 2021: The Remains of the Feast Turkey Soup

Turkey, Ham, and Orzo Soup


Since we had Thanksgiving dinner away from home, to give us "leftovers" other than my contributions to the feast, I'd not only made broth but later roasted a turkey breast on a bed of diced carrot, celery, and onion and baked a small pan of sage and onion cornbread dressing.


The weather here has turned brisk, with temperatures dropping below freezing at night, so the obvious end for those leftovers was a nice, thick soup. Read More 

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24 November 2021: Turkey Broth and the Smells of Thanksgiving

The aroma of Homemade Turkey Broth is the very essence of Thanksgiving


Y'all, I cannot seem to help myself.


For our first Virginia Thanksgiving, we're not hosting but are going to another family member's home. My part of the meal is my grandfather's macaroni pie, cranberry relish with apples and oranges, and a sweet potato souffle from a fondly remembered Savannah friend.


So I'm not cooking the turkey, gravy, or dressing. And yet: There's a big pot of turkey broth simmering away in my sunny yellow kitchen as I write this, and I'll roast a turkey breast later on for sandwiches, creamed turkey over dressing, and turkey soup.


The thing is, it's just not Thanksgiving if my house doesn't smell like roasted turkey and broth,  Read More 

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22 November 2021: The Simple, Homey Comforts of Hoe Cakes

Hoecakes, or Corn Griddlecakes


Most of us have heard that old saw about how moving is as stressful as the loss of a job, the death of a spouse or close family member, a divorce, or a debilitating illness. Well, having been through all of those things, I can't say it's quite up to their level, but what I can tell you is that it gets more difficult with age.


Two months into our new life in Virginia, people ask if we're unpacked and settled; we look at one another, let out a sigh, and then laugh. On the surface, the house is beginning to look as if we've lived here for a long time. The boxes are all unpacked, a lot of the pictures are hanging, and shelves are filled with books.


But unpacked isn't settled Read More 

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