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Recipes and Stories

28 October 2021: Old Fashioned Chicken and Rice

Old Fashioned Chicken and Rice, or Chicken Pilau


As we settle in to our home in the foothills of Virginia, one thing that has become apparent over the last month is that we may have left the marsh-laced lowcountry, but my cooking hasn't. After four decades (almost my entire adult life) in a Savannah kitchen, the patterns and flavors of that unique coastal cuisine have become an indelible part of my cooking.


No matter how one looks at it, moving and resettling in another place, even a beloved one, is daunting and stressful. So it's no surprise that, once the kitchen was settled, our meals have been a steady stream of comfort food favorites. It was also no surprise that many of those comforting dishes go back to our childhood—steaming bowls of cheese grits, country-style steak, macaroni pie, my mother's baked chicken.


What did surprise me—and shouldn't have—is how many of them came from those four decades in the lowcountry.  Read More 

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20 October 2021: Making a Vacation Kitchen Home and an Autumnal Salad

Autumn Salad with Apples, Bacon, and Pecans before adding the Buttermilk Ranch Dressing.

20 October 2021: Making a Vacation Kitchen Home and an Autumnal Salad


This weekend we will have been gone from Savannah for a month. We're settling in at our house in Virginia and it's finally beginning to sink in that we're not on a vacation that will soon end: We're really and truly here to stay.


The most challenging and yet welcome transition for me has been the kitchen. Bright, sunny, and more inviting than any of my many kitchens have been, it's also been better equipped than those of most vacation houses. But while perfect for the on holiday cooking I've done in it, there's still been a lot of making-do.


Now that all the equipment has been reunited in one place, you'd think it would've been perfect.  Read More 

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