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The newest offering in the University of North Carolina Press’s SAVOR THE SOUTH® series, Ham: A SAVOR THE SOUTH Cookbook. 55 classic recipes for ham, Southern and otherwise.

Essentials of Southern Cooking: Techniques & Flavors of a Classic American Cuisine

A collection of more than twenty-five years of writing about and teaching the history and techniques of the cooking of my native American South, the collection of cuisines that we loosely call Southern Cooking. Rather than focusing on the history of the cooking, as many of my previous books have done, these recipes pay tribute to that past, but reflect the way Southerners cook today. This book debuts right after Thanksgiving of 2013.

Savannah Chef's Table: Extraordinary Recipes from This Historic Southern City

Savannah is not a restaurant town, at least, not in the way that its sister cities New Orleans and Charleston are, but that doesn't mean there is not a vibrant and growing restaurant culture in this proud old port city. This collection of more than forty-nine essays chronicles that culture and points to the future.

Classical Southern Cooking

Classical Southern Cooking is a critically acclaimed history in recipes of the golden age of one of America's greatest regional cuisines.

The Savannah Cookbook

To truly understand a place, Damon Lee Fowler believes that all one needs is taste of what its inhabitants eat. To that end, this book offers an ample taste of Savannah's unsung yet beguiling table.

Damon Lee Fowler's New Southern Kitchen

Published in 2002, this was my first really personal "this is how I cook" book. Unlike previous books, which were based on historical research and published books from all across the region, I went into the kitchen with a notebook and developed recipes on the spot. It was a lot of fun, and is a book I still look back on with fondness.

Damon Lee Fowler's New Southern Baking

Written as a kind of companion volume for New Southern Kitchen, this book was all about the baker's art in the South, and included recipes from the earliest Colonial kitchens through to modern ones.

Beans, Greens, and Sweet Georgia Peaches

Southerners have an undeserved reputation for cooking vegetables in only two ways: deep fried or boiled to Hell and back. I begged (and still do beg) to differ.

Dining at Monticello

Working with my late teacher and mentor, Karen Hess's as yet unpublished manuscript Mr. Jefferson's Table, which collected and transcribed the receipts and food related documents in the Jefferson papers from various collections, the Foundation, Mrs. Hess, and I selected seventy five recipes that we could document as having been used at Monticello. My job was to translate the recipes for use in a modern kitchen and include pertinent historical notes about the dish, the method, and so forth.

Southern Cooking by Henrietta Stanley Dull

First published in 1928, when its author was sixty-eight years old, this comprehensive collection of recipes chronicled post-Civil War Southern cooking and set a new standard for food writing. In 1941, Mrs. Dull expanded the collection to 1300 recipes. This reprint of the 1941 edition includes an index of the added recipes, my brief biography of its author, and historical commentary.