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Classical Southern Cooking

When first published in 1995, Classical Southern Cooking was groundbreaking in the field of Southern food history. Providing a compendium of more than two hundred historical recipes, it not only traced those recipes back to their roots, but made them accessible to modern cooks in modern kitchens without compromising authenticity. Considered a modern classic and the essential Bible of Southern foodways, it paved the way for a whole new genre of Southern cookbooks. Revised and expanded in 2008, it is now available in an illustrated softcover edition.

"Damon Fowler's wit and wisdom amplify the basis of Southern cooking, keeping it current and alive."

–Nathalie Dupree, TV cooking show host and author, Shrimp and Grits

"The best cooking is always that which tastes of real lives lived in real places. It is those timeless flavors that Damon Lee Fowler brings us in recipes that are savory even just to read. Whatever food language you cook in--Italian, French, Mexican, or Swahili--you'll enjoy having this great book."
–Marcella Hazan, author, Essentials of Italian Cooking

"Damon Lee Fowler is one of the deans of Southern cookery, history, and culture. Everything about this comprehensive book is genuine, heartfelt, and, indeed mouthwatering--a true celebration of America's finest and most exciting cuisine."
–James Villas, author, The Glory of Southern Cooking, The Bacon Cookbook, and Pig, King of the Southern Table

"Fowler is the quintessential historian of all things southern and culinary. His dedication to research is breathtaking and his writing brims with grace and humor."
–Jean Anderson, author, A Love Affair with Southern Cooking and Falling Off the Bone