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Recipes and Stories

14 December 2022: Meatballs Bourguignon

Cocktail Meatballs in Bourguignonne Sauce


As we move into our first almost-normal holiday season in three years, I've been thinking about something the late Marcella Hazan once said of her American cooking students. Whenever she taught a dish that was new, at least one of them was sure to say that he or she was going to make it for a dinner party the following weekend.


She admired that adventurous spirit because such a notion would never even occur to most Italians. A meal offered to guests outside the family would be one they'd made hundreds of times—even if that was how often it had been served to those same guests in the past.


Well, admirable it may be, but there's a fine line between being adventurous and foolhardy.  Read More 

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