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24 November 2014: Mastering Thanksgiving V—MaMa’s Sweet Potato Custard Pies

November 24, 2014

Tags: Thanksgiving 2014, Thanksgiving Dinner, Sweet Potato Custard, Classic Southern Cooking, Essentials of Southern Cooking.

My grandmother's Sweet Potato Custard, a holiday essential in our family for at least four generations
I am not entering into the argument over whether pumpkin pie is a Yankee thing and sweet potato is a Southern one. My grandmother always served both at Thanksgiving, and both sweet potato and pumpkin pie (they were sometimes just called “custard”) were included in one of our earliest published records of Southern Cooking, Mary Randolph’s classic The Virginia House-Wife (1824), and both were included in most every antebellum Southern cookbook that followed, from Lettice Bryan’s Kentucky Housewife (1839) through Mrs. Hill’s New Cook Book (1867). (more…)