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1 July 2013: Shrimp and Rice

July 1, 2013

Tags: Lowcountry Pilau, Lowcountry Cooking, Southern Cooking, Shrimp, Shrimp Pilau, Pilau, Shrimp and Rice, Rice Cookery

Shrimp Pilau with Tomatoes is a Lowcountry summer classic. Photography by John Carrington
One of the great defining rice dishes of Carolina and Georgia Lowcountry cookery is the pilau, (pronounced PIH-low—or, at times, PER-low, PER-loo, or per-LOO). Descended from the rice-based cuisines of West Africa, from whence the Lowcountry’s rice culture and most of its rice-growing slaves had come, a pilau is less a recipe than a technique. (more…)