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14 March 2012: Spring Shallot Soup

March 14, 2012

Tags: Spring Shallots, Emma Morel Adler, Shallot Soup, Savannah Cooking, Classical Southern Cooking, Historical Southern Cooking, Bouillon, Soup

Emma Morel Adler's lovely Spring Shallot Soup, photographed by John Carrington, from The Savannah Cookbook
Pondering green-sprouting spring onions last week sparked memories of a nearly lost pleasure of the Southern gardens of my childhood: tender, spring shallot sprouts. They’re a luxury born of necessity: sprouting shallot beds have to be culled so that they don’t crowd one another, giving the bulbs room to grow fat and multiply. Since they’re too beautiful to just toss away, they’ve long been used as other green onions might be. (more…)