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16 March 2013: Scallops Diane

March 16, 2013

Tags: Classic Southern Cooking, Bay Scallops and Mushrooms, Scallops Diane, Shrimp Diane, Creole Cooking, Cajun Cooking, Louisiana Cooking, Pasta

Scallops with Mushrooms and Scallions, or "Scallops Diane"
If you follow this essay series at all, you will have noticed that I rarely venture into the justly famous cookery of Creole and Cajun Louisiana. That’s mainly because, first of all, these cuisines are not directly a part of my own heritage, and secondly, they have more than enough champions on their own, both true Louisianans and posturing Creole/Cajun wannabes, to need any help from the likes of this old Cracker. (more…)