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25 November 2014: Mastering Thanksgiving VII—The Oysters

November 25, 2014

Tags: Thanksgiving 2014, Thanksgiving Dinner, Scalloped Oysters, Classic Southern Cooking, Ruth Adams Bronz, Ramona Bernard

Lucy-Mama's Oysters, finished as Ruth does them in individual scallop shells.
One of the lovely things about Thanksgiving dinner is the way family traditions are perpetuated from generation to generation as we gather around that common table. Even lovelier is the way other traditions get adopted and shared as people come into our family and as we get absorbed into theirs, sometimes through legal ties but more often just because we love one another. (more…)

19 November 2012: Mastering Thanksgiving VI—Tradition and Oysters

November 19, 2012

Tags: Thanksgiving Dinner, Ruth Adams Bronz, Lucy-Mama's Oysters, Oysters, Thanksgiving Traditions

Lucy-Mama's Oysters
This morning my own stock pot came off the pantry shelf and I set to work cleaning and slicing carrots, celery, onions and gingerroot. Deciding to give the broth a little extra color and depth of flavor, I tossed my hoard of turkey wings and necks into a large roasting pan, lightly coated them with oil, and set them to roast in a hot oven (425° F. for about 45 minutes).

While that was going on, (more…)