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2 April 2012: Poke Sallet

April 2, 2012

Tags: Poke Sallet, Pokeweed, Poke, Historical Southern Cooking, Historical Cooking, Lettice Bryan, Emma Holmes, Early American Cooking, Spring Cooking, Spring Greens

Poke Sallet sauteed with Spring Onions and Bacon Lardons, served here as Mrs. Bryan would have done, with poached eggs
Under the deep-green shade of the old camellias in my back yard, one of the quiet miracles of spring is unfolding: a thick, luxurious stand of new-green poke shoots. This lovely wild green, once a defining element of spring’s table for country folk all across the South, is a real piece of Southern lore, and has been turned by popular culture into an object of derision, a symbol of ignorance and raw poverty.

It is none of those things to me. (more…)