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19 October 2018: Grilled Ham and Pimiento Cheese

October 19, 2018

Tags: Classic Southern Cooking, Classic American Cooking, Pimiento Cheese, Ham, Grilled Ham and Pimiento Cheese

Grilled Ham and Pimiento Cheese.
When griddle-toasted sandwiches became popular in the last century, it raised one of the oldest sandwiches known, thin-sliced ham and cheese tucked between thin slices of buttered bread, from classic to perfection. There’s nothing in all of cooking that can surpass that exquisite balance of crisp butter-toasted bread, warmed salty-sweet ham, and irresistibly (more…)

23 May 2017: Of Sautéed Mushrooms and Pimiento Cheese

May 23, 2017

Tags: Mushrooms, Sauteed Mushrooms, Pimiento Cheese, Sauteing

Small white button mushrooms sauteed in butter
A gray, overcast day, a handful of small button mushrooms left over from styling a newspaper column illustration, a new block of very sharp cheddar, and a small jar of pimientos in the pantry: Probably those things will seem unlikely as an invitation to an afternoon of culinary nostalgia to anyone but me. But there it is. (more…)

29 June 2012: Pimiento Cheese

June 29, 2012

Tags: Pimiento Cheese, Pimientos, Martha McCulloch-Williams, Mrs. Dull's Southern Cooking, Historical Southern Cooking, Classical Southern Cooking

Perfection in a bowl: Pimiento Cheese with its essential ingredients. Photography by John Carrington Photography
If my childhood summers could be condensed into a single taste, that taste would be pimiento cheese. Not ice cream. Not fried chicken from a picnic basket. Not even a sun-warmed, ripe tomato from the garden. Just that simple and yet sublime duet of cheddar and pimiento peppers, held together with just enough mayonnaise to make it spreadable. (more…)