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9 November 2015: Roasted Pecans

November 9, 2015

Tags: Pecans, Southern Cooking, Classic Southern Cooking, Roasted Pecans, Southern Baking

Slow-roasted pecans make an ideal savory nibble for fall and holiday entertaining: they're simple to make, keep well, and are pretty much irresistible. Photography by John Carrington
One of the best features of the house where we live is an enormous old pecan tree that canopies our entire back yard. Despite its age, that tree is still prolific, although we’re lucky to get more than a few handfuls of its nuts. Mostly that tree just shades the yard and helps me mark the seasons from my office window.

The problem is that the yard it shades is also a playground and free cafeteria for a motley assortment of spoiled, fat, urban squirrels. (more…)

26 March 2015: Asparagus with Lemon-Pecan Brown Butter

March 26, 2015

Tags: Asparagus, Pecans, Lemons, Lemon-Pecan Brown Butter, Classic Southern Cooking, Essentials of Southern Cooking

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Fresh-cut asparagus is spring’s best compensations for hay fever.

Flowers are lovely and all very well, but they satisfy only two of our senses. Asparagus gets all five—even sound, if it’s not overcooked. And when it’s freshly cut (that is, only minutes from the bed), it needs absolutely nothing, not even butter. Strong flavors like ham, leeks, garlic, and even lemon can be paired with it only with care and restraint. (more…)