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22 September 2017: Savoring Old New Orleans

September 22, 2017

Tags: New Orleans, Classic Southern Cooking, Classic Creole Cooking, Oysters Rockefeller, Galatoire's Restaurant, Arnaud's Restaurant, Dickie Brennan's Steak House, French Seventy-Five, Oysters

Oysters Rockefeller at Galatoire's
Last weekend, it was my privilege to celebrate the publication of my latest book, Ham: A SAVOR THE SOUTH® Cookbook, at the Southeastern Independent Booksellers Association’s annual conference and trade show in New Orleans. The big event was sharing a panel moderated by Ashley Warlick with James Beard Award-winning author and dear friend Cynthia Graubart and new friends Melinda Risch Winans and Cynthia Lejeune Nobles (authors of The Fonville Winans Cookbook: Recipes and Photographs from a Louisiana Artist).

But the joy in the trip was a chance to savor some of old New Orleans and it’s legendary food in the company of lovely friends. (more…)

14 April 2015: Braised Artichokes with Onions

April 14, 2015

Tags: Artichokes, Burr Artichokes, Classical Southern Cooking, Beans Greens and Sweet Georgia Peaches, Classic Creole Cooking, Classic Southern Cooking

Braised Artichokes à la Creole
If most people were asked to make a list of typically Southern vegetables, artichokes would probably not even come to mind, let alone make it to the list. And yet, they’ve been growing in the South at least since the beginning of the eighteenth century, and recipes for them were given in a very off-hand way in all the early cookbooks from Mary Randolph through to Annabella Hill. Even Mrs. Dull included a recipe, with detailed directions for eating them, in her definitive 1928 book. (more…)

27 May 2014: The Art of Balance

May 27, 2014

Tags: Marcella Hazan, Culinary Balance, Classic French Cooking, Classic Creole Cooking, Butter Braising

Butter-Braised Spring Vegetables, an exercise in judicious balance
Marcella Hazan’s husband, Victor, recently reminded us that his late wife liked to say, “If I could persuade someone to cook for six months without a single herb or spice, I’d have a chance to make a cook out of her.” (more…)