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15 December 2017: Old-Fashioned Wine Jelly

December 15, 2017

Tags: Classic Southern Cooking, Historical Southern Cooking, Historical Cooking, Wine Jelly, Christmas Desserts, Christmas Cooking, Bourbon Custard, Creme Anglaise, Boiled Custard, Custard Sauce

An Old-Fashioned Christmas treat: Wine Jelly with Custard Sauce
The dessert in the Christmas dinner that was shared in my last column was a lovely, old-fashioned thing called wine jelly. It’s not jelly as in a spread for toast, but jelly as in the stuff invalids are often fed when they’ve been off a solid diet.

It was once a classic old holiday treat that was actually rare and special, a fact we can’t really appreciate today, since sweet, flavored gelatin has lost a lot of its luster, thanks in large part to that stuff we feed convalescents. It’s a shame, really, because it’s a lovely, light dessert that adds sparkle—both literally and figuratively—to a holiday meal, and deserves to be popular again. (more…)