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30 June 2017: More Summer Salads

June 30, 2017

Tags: Classic Southern Cooking, Savannah Cooking, Chicken Salad, Chicken, Grapes, Almonds, St. Andrews Academy Cookbook, First Come, First Served . . . In Savannah, Jeannie Knight

Chicken Salad with Green Grapes and Almonds (because the pecans were in the freezer and the almonds were already toasted and ready to use)
About two-thirds of a left over roasted chicken, half a bag of green grapes languishing in the vegetable bin, and a new bundle of scallions. Add in a steaming afternoon in which cooking is out of the question. For most people, the logical sum of all that would’ve been chicken salad with grapes, a modern standard that has been enjoyed all over our country for more than thirty years.

Most people, that is, except for me. (more…)