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20 March 2017: The Key Ingredient

March 20, 2017

Tags: Spring Cleaning, Love in the Kitchen, Tuna Noodle Casserole, Classic American Cooking

A little bit of love and a lot of cleaning and organizing have made my small, dark kitchen seem new and comfortable.
For nine years, I have hated my kitchen.

People are always surprised to hear it: Somehow, there’s a prevailing notion that all food writers are possessed of dream kitchens—spacious, light, airy, equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and gleaming copper cookware.

And wouldn’t that be nice?

I am blessed to have nice equipment (including gleaming copper), but the kitchen it occupies is rented and not the stuff that my (or anyone else’s) dreams are made of. (more…)

6 March 2017: Of Leftovers and Creamed Tuna

March 6, 2017

Tags: Creamed Tuna, Classic American Cooking, American Cooking, Canned Tuna, Leftovers

Old-Fashioned Creamed Tuna with Noodles
So much contemporary food writing, my own included, focuses on the importance of freshness: Using the best ingredients that our budgets will allow; taking the time and care to select the freshest, choicest things that we can find; using care in the way we store and use them. It would be nice if our cooking could always be like that. But more often than not, our day-to-day cooking is (or should be) more about not wasting what we’ve already got on hand.

Far too many people on this planet—no further away than our own neighborhoods—are hungry. No, using up that food instead of throwing it out isn’t helping those hungry people. But to squander still edible food just because it’s not at its absolute peak is self-indulgent and irresponsible. (more…)