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30 January 2015: Simplicity in the Cold Season

January 30, 2015

Tags: Penne with Broccoli and Scallions, Broccoli, Braised Broccoli, Classic Southern Cooking, Classic Southern Cooking, Marcella Hazan, Simplicity in Cooking

Penne with Broccoli and Scallions
30 January 2015: Simplicity in the Cold Season

A few days ago, I reflected on how the simple act of peeling and eating a perfectly ripe Clementine orange recalled the fact that the principles of good cooking and satisfying eating are founded less on creativity than on the virtues of balance, simplicity, and restraint.

That wasn’t to suggest that there’s no room for creativity in the kitchen; (more…)

26 January 2015: The Undervalued Virtue of Restraint

January 26, 2015

Tags: Principles of good cooking, Restraint in the kitchen, Marcella Hazan, Clementine oranges

A good cook meets an ingredient in peak condition, such as this perfectly ripened Clementine, with a sense of balance and restraint.
What we don’t add to the pot, Marcella Hazan frequently reminded us, is equally as important as what we do. While under-seasoning can make a dish fall short of its potential, it’s a failing that can still be corrected; there’s rarely any hope for a dish that has been over-seasoned or buried under a confusion of other flavors. (more…)

17 January 2015: Mama’s Sunday Pot Roast with Onions

January 17, 2015

Tags: Pot Roast, Braising, Sunday Pot Roast, Southern Cooking, Classic Southern Cooking, Mama's Pot Roast

My Mother's Sunday Pot Roast with Onions
Nothing recalls the Sunday mornings of my childhood quite like the aroma of onions and beef baking slowly in a pot roast. (more…)