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29 June 2012: Pimiento Cheese

June 29, 2012

Tags: Pimiento Cheese, Pimientos, Martha McCulloch-Williams, Mrs. Dull's Southern Cooking, Historical Southern Cooking, Classical Southern Cooking

Perfection in a bowl: Pimiento Cheese with its essential ingredients. Photography by John Carrington Photography
If my childhood summers could be condensed into a single taste, that taste would be pimiento cheese. Not ice cream. Not fried chicken from a picnic basket. Not even a sun-warmed, ripe tomato from the garden. Just that simple and yet sublime duet of cheddar and pimiento peppers, held together with just enough mayonnaise to make it spreadable. (more…)

22 June 2012: Sherried Shrimp

June 23, 2012

Tags: Classical Southern Cooking, The Savannah Cookbook, Historical Savannah Cooking, Sherried Shrimp, Connie Hartridge, Shrimp

Elizabeth Malone Smart's Sherried Shrimp, from the Savannah Cookbook, photographed in the Battersby-Hartridge House by John Carrington.
While researching material for The Savannah Cookbook, one hot, rainy late-June afternoon (the kind that makes Savannah’s pavements steam and its air take on the heavy, sticky quality that has earned summers here the nickname “hot mayonnaise season”), I found myself in the wide, double-drawing room of the handsome Greek Revival Battersby-Hartridge House. While the outdoors was steamy and damp, the room, with its generous windows, lofty ceilings, and many tall mirrors, was airy and cool. (more…)